SONY DSCtomato and blossom set spraySierra Exif JPEGtermite and carpenter ant killer spraysystemic houseplant granssystemic houseplant grans- tallStink bug trap.epssedge ender concCamera:   DCS460B         
Serial #: 460A1114
Width:    3060
Height:   2036
Date:  5/9/99
Time:   13:49:28
DCS4XX Image
FW Ver:   051998          
TIFF Image
Look:   Product
Counter:    [98]
ISO:        80  
Aperture:   F11 
Shutter:    250 
Lens (mm):  85  
Exposure:   M   
Program:    CU  
Exp Comp:    0.0
Meter area: Mtrx
Flash sync: Norm
Drive mode: S   
Focus mode: M   
Focus area: Wide
Distance:   ??rot stoprose spray 3x1Sierra Exif JPEGpruning sealer spray canneem oil_concneem oilmoss max rtsmosqiote beater, yard fog spraySierra Exif JPEGSierra Exif JPEGmalathion insect control, concinfuse system disease control_concinfuse sys dis con, lawn and landscape, granularinfuse hose endhydrated limegarden dustSierra Exif JPEGSONY DSCSierra Exif JPEGSONY DSCeight garden dust hose end sprayerdiatomaceous earthSONY DSCcopper fung spray, conccopper fung dustcitrus fruit and nut orchard spray- hose endcitrus fruit and nut orchard spray- concchickweed clover and oxalis killer conccaptain jacks deadbug ready to spraycaptain jacks deadbug hose endcaptain jacks deadbug concall season hort and dor oil spray-hose endall season hort and dor oil spray-gal concall season hort and dor oil spray-conc